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Barndo Plan 020

3-Bedroom Modern Farmhouse Plan with Metal or Wood Framing Options

2,486 Heated S.F. • 3 Beds • 2.5 Baths • 1 Stories • 2 Cars

  • In a day and age when lumber prices are on the rise, alternative framing methods can be helpful to meet budgets and timelines which is why this plan is available in a metal frame design or 2 x 6 conventional wood framing as an upgrade.  A metal building provides a simple to build, cost effective alternative. The challenge is accomplishing a pleasing façade that will satisfy the needs of the homeowner for identity and aesthetics.
  • This home is designed to accommodate a “bolt-up” metal building technology. This is in contrast to a “weld-up” metal building.  The advantage of a “bolt-up” metal building is the ability to manufacture the entire frame in the shop and deliver to the site ready to be stood-up and bolted together in a much shorter frame of time. Welding connections can take weeks or months. Bolt-ups can be assembled in days.  Exterior roofing and siding also install much faster on metal buildings than do conventional residential construction techniques.
  • Some liberties were taken to employ the uses of residential windows and doors to provide code required egress and allow for some sense of styling and a cozy feeling. These instances will need blocking, flashing and possibly welded connections to accommodate, but they are few. The interior walls are framed as 2×4 studs but could easily be replaced with metal studs. The front and rear porches are also framed as rough sawn cedar for aesthetics.
  • It is recommended that customers consult with their local metal building manufacturer to review plans and assess the feasibility of building this home with their systems.

Floor Plan

Main Level

2×6 Wood Framed Version

2×6 Wood Framed Version – Basement Stair Location

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