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Introducing Boss Hog Barndominiums of Iowa, your all-encompassing partner in barndominium design and construction. Serving the diverse landscapes of Iowa and reaching out to clients nationwide, we guide you seamlessly through every facet of the process. From securing the perfect site and arranging financing to crafting your home’s design and overseeing the entire construction of your dream barndominium, we support you at every step of the journey. A distinctive barndominium crafted by Boss Hog Barndominiums of Iowa captures the essence of a serene retreat amidst Iowa’s picturesque landscapes. Jumpstart your project by completing the form, and we’ll promptly reach out to you. Our commitment is to establish ourselves as the premier Barndominium Builder in Iowa, providing unmatched service and expertise.

What to expect

Fill out the Form

Once you fill out the form, you can schedule a call with a build consultant to go over your build, or we’ll send you free resources to help you in your journey of building.

30 Min Phone Consultation

During this meeting you can expect to go over location/acreage, square footage/room requirements, inspiration builds/images, budget, project timeline, and our process for builds.

Barndominium Build Process

Not including permitting timeframe in specific states, you can expect 4-6 weeks for design, 10-12 weeks for structure deliver, and 8 months all-in for the full build.

Barndominium Engineering

This is where we design and engineer build ready plans for your ideal Barndominium build. We can work with any plan on the internet until we get something that fits your vision.

Barndominium Construction

One of our general contractors will work with you and your Barndominium plans to take you through construction to your finished Barndominium.

Boss Hog Barndominium Indianapolis, IN

Iowa Barndominium Builder

Boss Hog Barndominiums, rooted in Indiana, has extended its reach to encompass Iowa. Our vision is centered around establishing a comprehensive and trustworthy barndominium brand. While obtaining plans may be straightforward, the subsequent steps of securing a reputable builder, financing, and suitable land in Iowa often present challenges. The common dilemma involves deciding between finding a builder or refining your idea, with nothing truly consolidated under one roof. At Boss Hog Barndominiums of Iowa, we are dedicated to reshaping this narrative.

Our approach consolidates everything under one roof for our clients in Iowa. When you partner with us, we engage in collaborative efforts to design unique plans that resonate with your lifestyle, assist in pinpointing the ideal building site, and then oversee the complete construction of your envisioned barndominium. Originating in Indiana with the aspiration of becoming a premier barndominium builder, our influence has swiftly expanded across the nation. We exist to ensure individuals have access to all essential resources within a single organization.

To initiate the realization of your dream steel building, barndominium, or custom home, promptly reach out to us using the form above. Constructing the perfect barndominium is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of Iowa, and we are committed to securing our position as the top-rated Barndominium Builder in the state.

Our Barndominium Plans

To choose your ideal bespoke home, look through our barndominium plans. Wish to change something? It’s a good thing we have our own architect so you can make any changes you want before construction begins. Complete everything with just one business. We are one of the state of Iowa’s few design-build barndominium firms.

If you don’t like what you see, send us your ideas and we’ll put up a custom barndominium build plan with plumbing, electrical, and everything else you’ll need for your ideal build in Iowa. We’ll be adding more and more over time.

You can browse and choose from a large selection of Barndominium types that we have assembled. Fill out the form if you’re ready for a build plan. We are eager to collaborate with you. When you’re ready to consult with a top rated Iowa Barndominium Builder, fill out the form on our home page and schedule your consultation.

Best Iowa Barndominium Builder

Our Barndominium Builds are top of the line and customizable to your vision.

Locations We Serve in Iowa

  • All of Iowa
  • Des Moines
  • Cedar Rapids 
  • Davenport
  • Sioux City
  • Iowa City
  • Waterloo
  • Ames
  • & Much MORE
Iowa Barndominium Builder

Everything You Need IN HOUSE

Boss Hog Barndominiums is your ultimate destination for turning your dream of a barndominium in Iowa into reality, offering a comprehensive suite of services seamlessly integrated within our company. Our commitment to making your dream a reality starts with personalized financing options, ensuring that the financial aspect aligns seamlessly with your budget and preferences. Work closely with our skilled design professionals to bring your vision to life, ensuring your barndominium is not only visually stunning but also tailored to your functional needs. From the initial design concepts to the final construction, Boss Hog Barndominiums employs top-notch materials and craftsmanship to ensure a high-quality build. By choosing Boss Hog Barndominiums, you’re not just securing a dream home; you’re gaining a trusted partner dedicated to simplifying the entire process and ensuring that your barndominium in Iowa is crafted with precision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Through Our Barndominium Brand we’re able to offer:

– Barndominium Financing
– Custom Barndominium Plans
– Commercial & Residential Steel Buildings
– Barndominium Construction
– Barndominium Neighborhood Developments & MORE

Ready to get Started on your Dream Iowa Barndominium?

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Throughout the Design & Build Process

How long does it take to build a barndominium in Iowa?

It can take anywhere from 8 months to longer to build your Barndominium depending on materials, size, and location. We’ll work with you throughout the whole process to ensure you’re updated and included on every key decision.

What does the process look like to have a Barndominium built in Iowa?

You can browse our barndominium plans and select a plan that you like. If you want to make modifications to that plan, we have an in-house architect that will modify your build plan. If you select a custom barndominium build, then that build plan will take a few weeks to get to you. We’ll work with you closely on updates, changes if needed, and build your dream barndominium. We love working with each and every client to ensure satisfaction. Often times, a barndominium build is a retirement home or a dream home and the design to build process very seriously.

How much does it cost to build a barndominium?

There’s a lot of misguided information on the internet when it comes to Barndominiums. These aren’t spec homes, meaning that there’s no set price per square foot. We ask that prospective clients budget for $200 per living (finished) square foot and a range of $200 – $300 plus per square foot. There are materials used that lost longer such as metal siding and metal roofing and oftentimes a barndominium home is built to last longer and more sturdy than a typical home you’d build in a neighborhood. Most of the cost is used with finish materials. Often times Barndominiums have more square footage. More square footage equals more flooring, more drywall, and more of everything else. With the cost of materials so high right now, you should expect to pay more until the economy relaxes a bit. You can certainly save money by finishing the interior yourself if you’d like. We can talk about those details during our consultation.

Barndominium Iowa

Quality Iowa Barndominium Builder

Our Barndominium Builds are top of the line and customizable to your vision. We pride ourselves on being the best Iowa Barndominium Builder. Make sure to find us on the web for Iowa Barndominium Builder.

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